• The Standing Committee I performs its reviewing role through investigations that it starts on its own initiative, on the request of the Senate, the Chamber of Representatives or the competent minister or authority, or on the request of a citizen or a civil servant who lodges a complaint or files a denunciation.

  • The Standing Committee I is responsible for a posteriori controling of the specific and exceptional intelligence collection methods used by the intelligence and security services. Here the Committee acts as a judicial body.

  • The Standing Committee I gives written advice to the judicial authorities on the legality of the way in which information added to criminal proceedings was collected by the intelligence and security services.

  • The Standing Committee I has another role in relation to it: on request it can advice on a Bill, draft Royal Decree, Circular Letters or any other document expressing the political orientations of the competent ministers regarding the functioning of the intelligence services or the Coordination Unit for Threat Assessment.

  • The Standing Committee I is responsible for controling interceptions of communications from abroad, which the military intelligence service can, for military purposes, intercept, tap and record.

  • The Standing Committee I can be requested to carry out an investigation in the framework of a parliamentary enquiry.

  • The Standing Committee I ensures the chairmanship and the registry of the Appeal body for security clearances, certificates, and advice.

  • The Standing Committee I exercises, together with the Supervisory Body for police information management, control over the common databases, including the dynamic database FTF (foreign terrorist fighters).

  • The Investigation Service of the Standing Committee I also plays a judicial role: when instructed by the judicial authorities, it investigates the members of the reviewed services who are suspected of having committed a felony or misdemeanour.

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